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At Hayloft  Audio, quality matters. That's why we use the highest quality equipment in the industry to deliver a product that adds a new dimension to your projects.

Clients and Projects

Acoustic ecologist Gordon Hempton cares very deeply about quiet. As the Sound Tracker® he has circled the globe three times over the last 30 years in pursuit of Earth’s rarest nature sounds—sounds which can only be fully appreciated in the absence of manmade noise.

His recordings of steadily vanishing natural soundscapes have been written about and reviewed in People, Time, Newsweek, and many more American and international magazines. His work has enriched numerous television documentaries including the PBS documentary Vanishing Dawn Chorus, which earned him an Emmy Award. He provides professional audio services to such media outlets as Microsoft, Smithsonian, National Geographic and the Discovery Channel.

Gordon Hempton


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Specializing in high-definition binaural sound recordings, on-set sound recording, and production planning, our engineers can help you bring your project to life with clean, crisp, realistic audio that won't put you over budget

From syncing sound, to logging and editing, our professional engineers provide the services you need to accomplish your goals efficiently, because time is money!

With access to some of the largest and highest quality sound libraries in the world, our skilled sound designers will work with you to make sure that your project sounds unique, and grabs the attention of your audience


Field Recording

Mixing and Editing

Sound Design

Palmer Morse

Palmer Morse is an award-winning cinematographer and editor from Ithaca, New York who focuses on using the devices at hand in our visual and media culture that can drive our society to make change. 


He has successfully directed, produced, filmed, and edited several short-form documentaries on various subjects. Palmer has also aided in the creation of several other bodies of work ranging from an educational series for Al Jazeera English to a feature-length documentary on the impacts of irreversible climate change through the lens of US national security and global systemic risk. He holds a Bachelors of Science in Documentary Production from the Television-Radio Program within the Roy H. Park School of Communications at Ithaca College.

John D. Scott has won multiple awards and glowing reviews as an independent filmmaker. He has directed many well travelled short films and one critically acclaimed feature-length documentary on poet John Stiles called Scouts Are Cancelled (2007), and is currently developing a long-form documentary on poet Elizabeth Bishop. Scott is an Associate Professor in the Media Arts Sciences and Studies Department at Ithaca College.

John D. Scott

Sound Devices, Zaxcom, Nagra, Zoom, and Tascam portable recorders

Sennheiser, Neumann, Schoeps, AKG, Audio-Technica, Shure, and custom microphones

Pro-Tools 12, with the latest plug-in bundles from Izotope, Fab-Filter, Sound Toys, and Waves. Adobe Creative Suite

Dew Drop is a documentary following Kenneth Jackson, third-generation owner of the Dew Drop Inn, as he struggles to re-open the venue's historic doors.

Being Hear is a short documentary film about Emmy award-winning sound recordist Gordon Hempton, and his quest to preserve natural silence.

Expedia Sight UnScene: Ithaca, is a short piece directed by Rachel Weinberg about Ithaca, NY

Rachel Weinberg

Rachel Weinberg is a director and producer who uses documentary and media to raise awareness of social issues and to tell the untold stories of many. She has worked on numerous succesful films including Dew Drop, which won the "Visionary Award", and The Provider, which was featured in the documentary short category at South By Southwest 2016. Rachel has had the opportunity to travel the country and work with a number of inspiring people. Some notable organizations she has worked for include Two River Pictures, Stand Up 2 Cancer, Interloper Films, and the Finger Lakes Environmental Film Festival.

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